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Wolfnights Chef Burger –

Arc’ – Yaron Tal

Benedict: big girl diamond hanging lighting pendants and diamond wall lamps by Studio Beam

The big girl diamond hanging lighting pendants and diamond wall lamps are from our Sketch collection- fetured in the Benedict 24h restaurant, in Tel aviv.

The sketch collection comprises the yearning for de-clutter from modern noise, pollution and attention deficit disorder into a divine purified experience of pure structural contour.

The collection items are a delicate design of luscious curved wires into elegant see through pendants and wall lamps, unique and suitable for home, office and commercial spaces.

All collection items are handmade, silver soldered and powder coat paint finished, available in a 5 color selection: Green, Red, Blue, Black and White.

Our  big girl diamond and diamond wall lamp lighting fixtures designs are inspired by diamonds being a crystallized composition of carbon- the most fundamental and essential element to all life.


You can view the whole sketch collection here-



Architect – Yaron Tal.

big girl diamond pendants and  diamond wall lamps from the Sketch Collection Lighting fixtures 

by Studio Beam


Michalis – custom lighting fixtures

Light Crumble: lighting fixture collection for Michalis bakery & Cafe 

Architect- Yaron Tal

Lighting- Studio Beam

The design concept of the lighting fixture collection for Michalis Bakery & Cafe was the enchanting world of bakery.  The architects brief  focused on baking pans,  in this project we used authentic ready-made baking pans combined with glass drinking glasses. We chose flower like  pans and lighted them with decorative incandescent bulbs.

Creating the large hanging lighting fixtures shaped as baking pans required us to develop a special mold that enabled us to produce acrylic fixtures with a special wet paint metal color finish. These fixtures are lit by T5 fluorescent bulbs for maximum illumination .

We added to this collection standing lighting fixtures to lit the seating area of the cafe. These bodies were designed and inspired by the structure of industrial dough mixers.

This collection includes the mixed use of Ready-made items with custom made items, which reflects the unique language of the bakery’s architecture.

Tiv Taam

Super market chain –

Hand Crafted Pendants, Navy – Ceiling Light Fixture, Kerosene Heater Pendant

Arc’ – Yaron Tal

Domo & Delicates

Houseware & Delicatessen Chain  –

Metalic Tubes, Industrial pendants, Acrylic Dome, Metalic & Glass Spheres  –

Arc’ – Yaron Tal

Tiv Taam

Super market chain –

metalic larg scale conic pendants with a matt’ plastic like finish

Arc’ – Yaron Tal