Studio  Beam for Facebook – Social- lighting: Lighting up the new Facebook offices in Tel-Aviv

Arc’ – Michael Setter Architects

Senior Designer – Shirli Zamir

The new Facebook office complex in Tel Aviv is spread over four floors of total of 3300 square meters
planned and designed by Setter architects- one of the leading architectural firms in Israel.
Facebook offices in Tel Aviv comprise of open flowing spaces that provide the creative necessary “hip” inspiring atmosphere
which is achieved by creating a combination of open and transparent office spaces designed with natural materials
wood, steel, Iron, natural colored textiles, organic plant walls, graffiti and multi – colored arabesques.
The prominent social interaction atmosphere that is so identified with Facebook – is reflected in the huge
industrial flavored office space that combines workstations with fun, play, recreation and lounge areas, and in its center heart
an open kitchen inviting office team interaction over a luxurious lunch break.
Studio Beam’s collaboration with the design team of Setter Architects in designing lighting pendants for Facebook offices project
was characterized by requested industrial iron rustic flavored lighting, that will blend in the wide open space.
We designed the “Ocean mariner” lighting pendants, inspired by rough rusty fishing ports lanterns
boats and deep fishing cages, lighted by decorative LED bulbs , bringing into the office the winter sea breeze
of the nearby old fishing marine port of Tel Aviv.
For The main spaces – we designed the “Tracking Tube” pendant – elongated cylindrical T5 iron pendants with a rustic finish
hanging from the tall ceiling by rustic iron chains, paving the roots from central socializing areas
to the more colorful and intimate corners and offices.
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studio beam custom hanging lighting fixtures and floor lamps

Custom hanging lighting fixtures and floor lamps for the Street’s Caf’e, Tel aviv

The custom  hanging lighting fixtures designed for Street’s Caf’e  introduce “Floyd” from our Slims Collection who is accompanied by Custom Floor Lamps all handmade expressly for this project.  Both designs induce Nostalgic Industrial memories  

Meet “Floyd” the hanging lighting fixture- from our “Slims “custom hanging lighting fixture collection: The “Slims” lighting fixture collection includes five hanging lighting fixtures comprising a modern translation to the nostalgic industrial language.  Our nostalgic memories of industrial objects designed in centuries past turned into a wire contour bone structure that light passing through it- defines the nostalgic memory itself.

All  hanging lighting  fixtures and floor lamps are crafted in metal by using laser cut technology, and silver soldered by hand.    

Architect – Eti Dentes.

Custom Hanging Lighting fixtures and Floor lamps – by Studio Beam

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Benedict: big girl diamond hanging lighting pendants and diamond wall lamps by Studio Beam

The big girl diamond hanging lighting pendants and diamond wall lamps are from our Sketch collection- fetured in the Benedict 24h restaurant, in Tel aviv.

The sketch collection comprises the yearning for de-clutter from modern noise, pollution and attention deficit disorder into a divine purified experience of pure structural contour.

The collection items are a delicate design of luscious curved wires into elegant see through pendants and wall lamps, unique and suitable for home, office and commercial spaces.

All collection items are handmade, silver soldered and powder coat paint finished, available in a 5 color selection: Green, Red, Blue, Black and White.

Our  big girl diamond and diamond wall lamp lighting fixtures designs are inspired by diamonds being a crystallized composition of carbon- the most fundamental and essential element to all life.


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Architect – Yaron Tal.

big girl diamond pendants and  diamond wall lamps from the Sketch Collection Lighting fixtures 

by Studio Beam