B 4

Events Space  –

Custom Wall & Pendant Shades, Industrial Pendants, Illuminated Laser cut ornaments –

Arc’ – Laliv Yehieli


Domo & Delicates

Houseware & Delicatessen Chain  –

Metalic Tubes, Industrial pendants, Acrylic Dome, Metalic & Glass Spheres  –

Arc’ – Yaron Tal


coffe shop  –

Romanov, Marco from Sketch Collection –


Caffe Caffe

coffe shop chain –

Big Girl Diamond,  Marco, Diamond wall from Sketch Collection –

Arc’ – Daniel hasson

Tiv Taam

Super market chain –

metalic larg scale conic pendants with a matt’ plastic like finish

Arc’ – Yaron Tal

Fashion Week TLV 2013

Lighting installation

135 metelic shells in a 15 m long 3D installation.

La Ca Phe

 La Ca Phe

–  Asian street restaurant

– Rustic linear out door lighting

Arc’ – Yaron Tal


Asian restaurant

 – origami light – 

Arc’ – Liat Asig & Nir Portal


The impressive design project of  “ONE” Asian restaurant in Tel – Aviv challenged our studio on a new technical level: we were asked to build a big geometrical lighting fixture, We started with the process of “cracking” down the geometry of the body and finding technical solutions to execute a lighting fixture of this magnitude.

We processed & computerized the geometry and planed accordingly a main structure, dressed it in a soft shell layer – allowing maximal flexibility of the geometrical design.  As a light source we proposed using LED modules, which greatest advantage is low power cost combined with low maintenance.

 Dimantions : 

Length : 5 m’ , Width: 30 cm , Hight : 30 cm.






The Floating cranes of Asian fusion “River ” restaurant in Raanana
Architect Guy  Velikson and Dudi Azuz
Floating objects – by Studio beam
The design concept of the architect of the “River “ project was inspired by origami –  Japanese paper folding art featuring in his vision of  a flock of cranes in the sky.

We received an abstract sketch of the objects the chosen materiel was white corian palettes – a unique prestigious material that enables a sharp absolute finish of clean folded corners, as same as the origami design language. The corian is the perfect material since it’s known for the wide selection of sculpturing options it can be used for.

The floating cranes from the ceiling of the River restaurant emphasis the Asian fusion design in which the restaurants space and the menu served in the place speak in the same language.