Fix – Women’s Wear –

Arc’ –


Azorim Construction Sales Offices –

Ocean Mariner , Floyed Wall Lamp, Elii Mae Peandant –

Arc’ – Yifat Ashkenasi


Wix Offices –

The Sketch Collection –

Lothan Architects


Wolfnights Chef Burger –

Arc’ – Yaron Tal

Pergula Urban Bar

City Bar –

Slims Pendants , Mariner , Wooden Pendant

Arc’ – Ori Biton


sushi bar – by designer Michael Azulay

Leaf – metal light fixture by StudioBeam

Inspired by the dance of autumn leafs flowing
in the wind-this unique design grasps the contour
of leafs as it is perceived in slow motion.
The leaf pendant is constructed using Led
technology , by a hidden constructed  light source
that lights the top of each pendant layer enhancing
an enchanting, sensual and mysterious look.

Tiv Taam

Super market chain –

Hand Crafted Pendants, Navy – Ceiling Light Fixture, Kerosene Heater Pendant

Arc’ – Yaron Tal