sushi bar – by designer Michael Azulay

Leaf – metal light fixture by StudioBeam

Inspired by the dance of autumn leafs flowing
in the wind-this unique design grasps the contour
of leafs as it is perceived in slow motion.
The leaf pendant is constructed using Led
technology , by a hidden constructed  light source
that lights the top of each pendant layer enhancing
an enchanting, sensual and mysterious look.

Tiv Taam

Super market chain –

Hand Crafted Pendants, Navy – Ceiling Light Fixture, Kerosene Heater Pendant

Arc’ – Yaron Tal

B 4

Events Space  –

Custom Wall & Pendant Shades, Industrial Pendants, Illuminated Laser cut ornaments –

Arc’ – Laliv Yehieli


Domo & Delicates

Houseware & Delicatessen Chain  –

Metalic Tubes, Industrial pendants, Acrylic Dome, Metalic & Glass Spheres  –

Arc’ – Yaron Tal


coffe shop  –

Romanov, Marco from Sketch Collection –


Caffe Caffe

coffe shop chain –

Big Girl Diamond,  Marco, Diamond wall from Sketch Collection –

Arc’ – Daniel hasson

Tiv Taam

Super market chain –

metalic larg scale conic pendants with a matt’ plastic like finish

Arc’ – Yaron Tal

Fashion Week TLV 2013

Lighting installation

135 metelic shells in a 15 m long 3D installation.

La Ca Phe

 La Ca Phe

–  Asian street restaurant

– Rustic linear out door lighting

Arc’ – Yaron Tal