Michalis – custom lighting fixtures

Michalis – custom lighting fixtures

Light Crumble: lighting fixture collection for Michalis bakery & Cafe 

Architect- Yaron Tal

Lighting- Studio Beam

The design concept of the lighting fixture collection for Michalis Bakery & Cafe was the enchanting world of bakery.  The architects brief  focused on baking pans,  in this project we used authentic ready-made baking pans combined with glass drinking glasses. We chose flower like  pans and lighted them with decorative incandescent bulbs.

Creating the large hanging lighting fixtures shaped as baking pans required us to develop a special mold that enabled us to produce acrylic fixtures with a special wet paint metal color finish. These fixtures are lit by T5 fluorescent bulbs for maximum illumination .

We added to this collection standing lighting fixtures to lit the seating area of the cafe. These bodies were designed and inspired by the structure of industrial dough mixers.

This collection includes the mixed use of Ready-made items with custom made items, which reflects the unique language of the bakery’s architecture.