Studio beam specializes in design & creation of light fixtures and custom made products for commercial projects – offices, public buildings, restaurants, shops and hotels with a specific custom touch for unique projects in the privet sector.

What leads us is the ability to foresee the market needs and deliver the new long before anyone else.

The studio opened in 2005 by Oz Ohaion & Oded Sapir and since then it has expanded massively and today leading industrial designers are an integral part of our studio.
“enterprise is my passion” says Oded sapir, Co-founder.

An industrial designer’s value is measured by his knowledge in different technologies and materials and the ability to find the connection between the two. These connections are what makes our creations timeless.

We love the challenge; and we love creating something new.

The technological part is led by Oz Ohaion, co-founder “my passion is technical challenges” Oded refers to him as “Technical master”

Our studio works with a wide verity of materials and technologies and it is a design entrepreneur platform that enables different solutions to our diverse costumers.