Ocean Mariner

The winter sea breeze introduces our new Mariner collection:

hanging lighting fixtures inspired by rough rusty fishing ports lanterns, boats and deep fishing cages.

The Mariner collection lighting fixtures are hand made from a combination of iron, hand blown glass and wood, this work process provides each collection item with its unique fingerprint, and  a nostalgic scent and yearning for traditional fishing ports that are slowly disappearing from our world.

The Mariner collection includes two models- the “Mariner" and the "Ocean Mariner" - each in two sizes-Big/Small.

The Mariner collection items can be ordered in a variety of colors and finishes most recommended are the Marine rusty, country white or natural Black


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Mariner Collection

Technical Info

Info:Ocean Mariner

Dim:Ocean Mariner 50 X 60 cm

Dim:Ocean Mariner Small 35 X 40 cm

Dim:Ocean Mariner Mini 25 X 30 cm

Material: metal, glass, wood 

Powder coat paint finish

Bulb: E 27